Medicine practitioner in Miami who can help you and feel and look your best. Jelena helps you feel comfortable wherever you show up. It was easy for me to trust her because she is so passionate and knowledgeable. She is the real deal. I consider her a seminar junky who is always up to speed on the latest procedures & techniques. I work in the Integrative field and I have made my choice to work with Jelena. Thank you for helping me realize the power of determination and that age is just a number. Thank you, I feel fit and have so much energy now!
Dana BardfeldIntegrative Medicine Specialist
Jelena is an incredibly compassionate health provider and meditation teacher.
She was instrumental in discovering items overlooked by my primary care physician that improved my wellbeing dramatically with a very natural and simple solution.
Jelena’s meditation classes lead you to uncover the magic and great mystery of life. Her manner is patient, non-judgmental and enlightening.
Sirena Andras Creative Guru
I couldn’t be more grateful to have Jelena in my life!! She has helped me reset, recharge and rejuvenate both my physical and spiritual self. When I first came to her for help, it was several months after a big move and I needed help shifting my life, diet and exercise back to a healthier holistic place. As a fitness professional I have a lot of exercise and nutrition knowledge, but clearly couldn’t see how I was sabotaging my own efforts in what I thought was a relatively healthy lifestyle. Jelena put all the pieces together into a brilliant plan that incorporated mind and body and supported me with some difficult life improvements that had to be made. She helped me realized that I was making too many excuses to “indulge” and then over train to make up for the poor food choices.
Christianne P.Fitness Professional
When I began the program with Jelena, I was not sure what to expect. I have always struggled with my weight, and when I met Jelena, I just thought I would be going on another diet; this was not the case. She taught me more than what to eat, she showed me that the weight loss that I strived for was not my end goal. She taught me that my health is a spiritual and mental battle along with a physical challenge. I lost around 30 pounds and was able to keep the weight off even when I did not take care of what I ate. Now I feel more confident and aware of the fact that I am not defined by the number on a scale, rather I am more than that. I am beautiful and I am happy with who I am. I now understand that my health is a mental and spiritual journey.
Paola LusardiClient
Jelena is a wonderful human being who embodies the human touch of being a practitioner. She is thoughtful, intuitive and caring of each clients individual body, mind and soul.
Ms. Bahar BayraktarPresident of Marketing and Events