Embrace your vibrancy


Power Skin Solutions

I’m honored to be an ambassador of Power Skin solutions and recommend to all my patients, colleges and friends wanting to experience the beauty of their nature. Power Skin Solutions is made with natural ingredients and has transformational results for your skin. I personally use and endorse these products to the women I serve. Power Skin Solutions is also a Pillar of Peace for the non-profit The Women of Peace I founded and contributes to women’s empowerment and leadership development for a peaceful, loving and free world.

Supplements to enhance your vibrancy 

Designs For Health is my go-to nutraceutical company for all my patients health and wellness needs. With the cleanest and most innovative formulations for all health management needs, I whole-heartedly endorse these supplements, medical foods, and products to be a part of everyone’s journey to thriving health.

Whether you are looking for good nutrients to keep your immunity strong and tissues protected or you want Solutions for any health-related concern, these products can support your journey to vibrant and flourishing health. For guidance please read my book Return to Beautiful:A Journey into Healing Flourishing Health and Bliss or book a exploration call to see how I may support your specific health and wellness concerns.

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