Being MI Retreat

The Path to Sacred


Activate your full potential

  • Do you want to feel inspired into a life of more purpose and meaning?
  • Do you wish to feel healthy and inspired in your capacity to serve the world?
  • Do you want to get all out of the way of the freedom, power, and capacity to be all you were meant to in this life time? 
  • Do you want to be the very medicine humanity is seeking?
  • Are you seeking ways to empower yourself with peace and tap into your creative genius? 
  • Do you want to step up your leadership game, leading from a place of
    connection, heart and ease?

Come and experience your true being .
Let go of doubts and inner turbulence.
Trust your path.

Join us for a experience of a life time.

A 8-day transformational experience of being the very medicine the world needs. Connect with your yearnings of your heart, discover your souls deepest callings, learn the tools of peace empowerment and sacred leadership, learn the modern art of self love and self care, ignite your passion for life, and make lifelong friendships and partnerships.

For leaders in Medicine, burnout is rampant in the industry

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and quality under the U.S Department of health and Human Services, the healthcare environment is often intense and demanding, placing clinicians at high risk of burnout. Burn out is a reaction of long-term stress. Signs of burnout include, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and lack of sense of accomplishment. Burnout rates are as high as 50% for clinicians in some studies and can impact both clinician health and patient safety and quality of care.  Stress can impact attention, memory and execute function.

Although change of work environment is not always possible, the clinician’s reaction to the work environment can improve health of the provider and quality care of the patient.

The Being MI Retreat: The Path to Sacred Leadership can provide those medical providers and healers all the tools they need to step back into their lives feeling healthy, inspired, and passionate about the newfound energy and service they can feed back into their lives and workplace.

The 8 Day Experience Includes:

  •    Daily Yoga
  •    Meditation Instruction
  •    Breath work tools
  •    Healthy organic meals
  •    Daily Evening Sound Bath
  •    Stress liberating connection experiences
  •    Learn the research, benefits and applications of mindfulness tools for yourself and your practice
  •    Resources to continue expanding your mind, your heart and your practice
  •    Discounts on Onsite Spa and Massage Services During your stay in one of Luxury Hotel Partners

The Being MI Retreat: The Path to Sacred Leadership will take place in Bali, Indonesia, March 17th – 26th, 2020.

 Spaces are limited. Book now to secure your spot.

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