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Have you been seeking a medical provider, healer and spiritual guide to lead you through a holistic up-leveling of your health, your sensuality, your inner peace, your magnetism, relationships and way of being?

Have you been battling with feeling of sadness, anxiety, unexplainable dissatisfaction despite your “success”?

Are you looking for a way to sustainably stay energetic, positive, vibrant, resilient, inspired and youthful?

If so, Jelena has a year-long program PERFECT for you.

Program includes services in a luxury 5 star Clinic, over phone and in a 5 star retreat center.

At a Luxurious Clinical Destination you will receive:
  • Full concierge medical services including blood work to test all disease risk, food allergies, inflammatory markers, gut health, detoxification issues, micronutrient status, and other genetic risk analysis.
  • Executive Physical
  • Comprehensive Medical Consultation, exploring mind, body, spirit needs.
  • Personalized   IV therapy.
  • Personalized nutritional/ supplemental health optimization prescriptions
  • A personalized plan to achieve Adrenal, Digestive, and Hormonal optimization and harmony.
  • Be guided to detox your mind body and spirit and feel lighter than ever before.
At a Luxurious Retreat: 2019-2020 locations include Bali, Costa Rica or Tulum
  • Learn to tap into the rich resources of love and peace you have within and be more peaceful, positive and graceful throughout life’s challenges.
  • Connect with your true nature
  • Enter a 8 day Luxury retreat immersion
  • Learn to the tools to combat stress, depression and anxiety on your own and without use of chemicals and medications.
  • Receive a Meditation instruction
  • Receive Breath work instruction
  • Receive Energy/ Self- healing instruction
  • Connection and awareness excercise


The Heart and Soul Medicine Team

When you enroll in the Heart and Soul Medicine Year Program you get access to the BEST healers and healing modalities.  Jelena has cultivated the most powerful and unique healing experience to help you get all your health, wellness and spirit needs during your year long journey with her.  Everyone who becomes a part of the heart and soul medicine journey will have access to consultation with the healing team. Those indigo members will get special rates with any of these providers and those crystal members will get full programming with all three. All programing with be perfectly coordinated for you so that you fully benefit from all the rich resources being provided to you during the course of the year.

Danna Pycher

Hypnotherapist, Author, TEDx Speaker

Danna Pycher is an international motivational speaker as featured in TEDx, hypnotherapist, and author. She specializes in healing trauma and autoimmune disease and the correlation between the two. Through her speaking she is known to connect with her audience in an intimate way leaving a lasting effect. Ultimately, she teaches how to really listen to your inner guidance to flow more effectively through life.

She helps her hypnotherapy clients eliminate stress, reduce weight, reduce autoimmune symptoms, and get rid of bad habits by healing the root of subconscious patterns.

Emanuel Zevallos

Emotion and Body Code Practitioner

Emanuel Zevallos is one of the leading Emotion and Body Code practitioners in the world. The Emotion Code is a cutting edge form of energy healing created by Dr. Bradley Nelson who authored the book The Emotion Code. This modality consists of using magnets and applied kinesiology from a distance to assist clients all over the world. 

 He works with all types of people: Successful Business owners, stay at home mothers, celebrities, and people are interested in removing emotional blockages. He has recently had more experience working for companies and their employees as a Industrial Corporate Body Code practitioner. Emanuel and wife recently founded Compass Healing in 2019 where he will continue to offer these services to his clients all over the world. 

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