Heart & Soul medicine for people who want to live with purpose and passion.

Does your heart ache for all of the suffering in the world? Do you find yourself overextended trying to meet everyone else’s needs? Are you held back by the ebb & flow of your energy?

Wouldn’t it be invigorating to keep the flow no matter what your circumstances may be?

Allow yourself to be pampered, restored and refreshed while soaking in the warmth and beauty of Ibiza. Integrative medicine expert Jelena Petkovic will guide you through transformational and spiritual exploration that will unite you to your true bliss and love, igniting your divine energy.

Wouldn’t it be invigorating to stay abundant, loving and positive challenges of modern living?

Heart & Soul medicine for passionate people in a mission to live in flow and service to the world.

Luxury Accommodations

From your luxury accommodations, you wander to the warm sands and cool, turquoise blue waters of Ibiza. Time slows as you give yourself a moment to appreciate your own breath and rhythm. The breeze is light and soothing. A bright, slow sun seems to warm you from within. You take your time adjusting to this new pace and allow yourself to let the world go. In this moment, it’s all for you.

Curated Therapy

Each morning begins with a gentle, calming mind-body practice. The day unfolds with ceremony and individually curated therapy that will detoxify, heal your tender spirit, and ground you…as you reconnect to your strength and passion.

Nourish Your Soul

In the cool of the evening, an intimate al fresco meal will nourish your soul as you enjoy conversation with your new friends – a community of devoted, vibrant leaders like yourself.

It sounds lovely, but I feel guilty spending time and resources on myself.

Do you love your work and the people you serve, but find yourself frequently
Is your health taking a toll on your energy?
Have you become overwhelmed with anxiety because there is too much on your plate?
Are you wanting to expand your reach, but feel like you don’t have the reserves to add more services or expand your territory?
Do you long for a community to encourage you and to exchange resources and ideas with?
Have you avoided dealing with your own traumas and pains because you believe others have more urgent needs?

The world needs you, a healthy you. Give your best self.
Renew your stamina and heal your body and mind with Jelena Petkovic, Heart + Soul Medicine Woman.




Morning heart and body opening meditation & yoga
Primordial sound meditation instruction
Consciousness & cycles of the Soul
The who are you soul exploration
Visioning & manifestation ceremony
Morning heart and body opening meditation & yoga
Primordial sound mantra private ceremony
Spiritual Laws
Meditations for blissful living
Science of unconditional love
Morning heart and body opening meditation & yoga
Tools for attracting your desires and activating your destiny
Sound ceremony

JUNE 9-16

Meet your Heart + Soul Medicine Woman, Jelena Petkovic

Jelena Ley Petkovic, PAC, MMS | Alchemist of Soulfully Beautiful Medicine

Jelena Petkovic PAC MMS is a modern day medicine woman. She lives to serve the world by BEING the very medicine she knows the world so desperately needs. Spending 9 years on personal development initiated by a series of miracles she personally experienced, she has fully committed to being a pure channel of LOVE and ultimately empowering others do the same. Formally, Jelena is a Miami-based licensed medical practitioner, speaker, and best-selling author who specializes in a new medicine known as “Integrative Antiaging Medicine”, a specialty merging eastern and western medicine tools to prevent disease and premature aging. Read More

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