My heart


Be Present With Love

Each person offers vast gifts to the world. The misfortune lies when we often overlook the beauty we have right in from of us and often go on searching for those more exciting "special" people. Because of this we are often unconsciously blind to greatness.They say...

A Morning Love Ritual

Wake up gentlyStart sending precious prana to your chest and belly , using your precious breath to circulate it with love and awarenessStretch your arms and legsRotate your ankles and wrists Rub your hands and feet together activating life through your bodyHum.......

Morning Words of Love

Begin again... With love.. With wisdom... With compassion ... With humbleness.Be kind to yourself.Treat your body and life as a beautiful new baby...Walk as if everything could be lost in a moment. Take care with your thoughts and words. Be gentle with your touch....

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