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Meditation helps you break away from the programming we have encountered throughout our life. The programming, which causes confusion, static, negativity and low self esteem. This programming come in form of memories, words that people have told us about life and about who we are, society norms that we have mistaken for our own values.  Much of programming makes us forget who we really are and makes life a upward battle as we struggle with ourselves as we try and please the ego (the fabricated self shaped by perception). Meditation is a proactive fitness and healing method which helps us understand we are not our thoughts but the underlying energetic essence which has infinite potential, is loving, compassionate and without fear or worry.  Meditation allows us to cultivate an awareness in our lives, which helps us differentiate the real from the unreal, allowing our bodies and mind to relax into life. Meditation allows you to have more inner peace, intuitive knowing, and happiness. Meditation helps decrease your body’s reaction to stress. 

As a result of empowering yourself with a formal meditation practice you will:

  • Make decisions faster and get less stressed in the processes.
  • Improve your relationships, as you can explain yourself better and more confidently.
  • Have clarity of who you are and your values, allowing you to make more aligned decisions, improving your ability to act in a way that favors your health and wellbeing.

“Jelena just gets it, she understands magic, energy and flow in movement. I enjoy her style of leading yoga and meditation and her ability to get me out of my comfort zone, is uncanny. I was able to fall into a trance so fast and just.. relax into my body, into the space. Jelena’s playfulness nature coupled with the knowledge base of the mind, spirit and physical body, makes her a one-of-a-kind teacher. I trust her.”

– Kimberley Le

What method is best?

There are many ways to meditate and some are more useful than others depending on your situation and need.  I teach both formal and informal types of meditation and also I guide people through meditations as well as empower them with the wisdom so they can practice on their own. Informal meditations could be anything done with the intention to do it with awareness, including walking, dancing, listening, eating, yoga, cleaning, and creating art.  Taking a mindful walk, shaking and dancing with intention to release, or even washing the dishes with care are informal meditation examples. When we pay attention, life can be meditative!

Formal meditation is a regular self practice that is done with the intention of focusing our energy solely to the specific meditative activity. Some methods of formal meditation include Mindfulness Meditation where the focus is on the quality of the breath, Transcendental Meditation that uses a repetition or a mantra, and Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) a Vedic Method revitalized by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Simon that teaches how to use the repetition of natures sounds to connect the the soul and break unhelpful karmic patterns.

Dr. Jelena is a certified teacher of PSM and higher levels of consciousness. The primary purpose of PSM is to help you find out who you really are, restoring wholeness and helping you not only fully heal but thrive. As yoga, primordial sound meditation means to help unite mind, body and spirit and transcend intellect and ego to easier access the soul and Spirit.

Interested in Learning to Meditate with Dr. Jelena?

The Primordial Sound Meditation is one of the most beautiful rituals you can have in your day and when practiced regularity will slowly shift your life into one with more peace, ease and heart-aligned purpose.Whether you feel stressed or stuck or just want to experience more flow, meaning and happiness, meditation is an essential tool for both healing and anti aging.

You can now receive part one of this course at Modern Om in Miami. Dr. Jelena has teamed up with the Global Empowerment Mission and MOdern Om to teach monthly classes in pristine and healing setting regularly in Miami. All attendees will be learning all they need to start a formal meditative practice and elevate their lives to one that feels more happy and free.  All proceeds go towards Global Empowerment Mission, a non-profit which serves those victims of natural and social disaster around the world by providing basic needs of security.

Advanced Classes 

Advanced PSM classes are available by request. All attendees will recieve their own PSM mantra.  The mantra must be calculated and assigned to you by a certified teacher. It is a beautiful set of words representing meaningless sounds, which replicate the sound of the vibration of the earth the moment you were passing through the birth canal or abdomen of your mother. The Primordial Sound Mantra is a perfect vehicle to higher consciousness as they are the sounds that supported you as you moved from the state of pure potentiality (inside your mother’s womb) to individuality (as you emerged in the world).

PSM allows you to use the vehicle of the mantra sound to experience all dimensions of self and shift your awareness to one of witnessing. In general the awareness and consciousness developed as a result of meditation means less suffering, less stress, more joy and flow, and making more creative and healing decisions. Primordial Sound meditation, with practice, frees you from the grips of your ego, allowing you to tap into the higher realms of consciousness; feeling more connected to everyone and everything and lives sustainably in grace and gratitude.

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