Be Present With Love

Each person offers vast gifts to the world.

The misfortune lies when we often overlook the beauty we have right in from of us and often go on searching for those more exciting “special” people. Because of this we are often unconsciously blind to greatness.
They say souls recognize eachother immediately and our programming sabotages the beauty potential of our relationships.

We rush through life in pursuit of the next “shinny star” and innocently don’t bother to see beyond the stories, the masks, and other “barriers” because we don’t believe in our capacity to process that which comes up for us as past memories and programming.

We miss out on the beauty because we are not aware that what comes up is not about the other but about ourselves, little do we know we already have everything we had ever hope for right in front of us.
What if we trusted our intuition more ,

What if we took responsibility for what we were working through with full vulnerabity and humbleness and saw those souls that we love for only the gifts they bring to us? 

What if each interaction sacred, celebrated, and explored? I believe if we embraced our power we would never be “bored.” I call for a world where we stop making excuses for not accepting the beautiful humans we have been gifted to know and start working to see how we can work to optimize on each others presence.

I want a world where people stop pointing out flaws but instead highlight strength. 

I have learned to celebrate authenticity and self-awareness so that each person feels the only thing between us and harmony is mutual desire to celebrate one another’s gift and support each other’s journey.

I believe it is in this space where nothing else is possible but beauty and love. 

Let us be brave and committed to discovering each hidden treasures . 

Let us have more patience with eachother and hold space as we magically unfold in the most sacred of gifts.

My hope was to share with you the possibilities of a more conscious life .. where we stop searching and start cherishing❤️