A Morning Love Ritual

Wake up gently
Start sending precious prana to your chest and belly , using your precious breath to circulate it with love and awareness
Stretch your arms and legs
Rotate your ankles and wrists 
Rub your hands and feet together activating life through your body
Hum…. sending a gentle vibration of truth through every cell
Now take a few more breaths and acknowledge you have lived to awaken to another day of possibilities 
Breathe as if each breath is a “thank you”
Set an intention of gratitude …what/who will you dedicate this day to? 
Let yourself resonate in this dedication
As you get up and place your feet on the ground … bless the earth and all the beautiful beings which share this life with you
Before you run to start your day, 
Place your hands in prayer.. press you thumbs against your chest , bow your head and close your eyes …. thank yourself for staying strong, for doing your best, for committing to an authentic life of love.
Open your eyes gently …take in fully your surroundings first with your eyes … look …then with your ears……listen…. then with your senses … feel.
Wake up and move through life as if you are the gift the world has been waiting for
Spread light, love, gratitude, hope, magic and joy. 
Today is the day to own your gifts … to live on your truth.
Believe in yourself, because I do.
Sat nam, namaste, blessings