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connect to the peace and love within



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I help you connect with the infinite source of peace, beauty, and love within, and then use it to create the health, life, and world your heart yearns for.

Meet Dr. Jelena Petkovic PAC MMS DHSc, a modern day medicine woman and your go-to expert on healing that is rooted from the heart, that honors the soul, and that expands into all life.

Dr. Jelena is a 14 year- licensed medical provider, best-selling author, thought leader, visionary, voice of love, humanitarian, and transformation facilitator. Dr. Jelena’s gifts to the world include integrating the best techniques from the east and west to provide you with the most loving, nourishing, and rejuvenating practices to restore your vibrancy and help you move towards a life of more ease and bliss. She supports you by helping you connect with your true nature, the pure love that you are.

Dr. Jelena is not just a medical professional but a devoted spiritual teacher.  If you have been searching for someone to guide you, your families, and your communities to the medicines that heal from the heart and soul, you have found her.

Be in love and heal your body, your life, and our world.

“Dr. Jelena is an incredible compassionate health provider and meditation teacher. She was instrumental in discovering items overlooked by my primary care physician that improved my well being dramatically with a very natural and simple solution. Dr. Jelena’s meditation classes lead you to uncover the magic and great mystery of life. Her manner is patient, non-judgemental and enlightening.”

– Sirena Andras , Creative Guru

“I couldn’t be more grateful to have Jelena in my life!! She has helped me reset, recharge and rejuvenate both my physical and spiritual self. When I first came to her for help, it was several months after a big move and I needed help shifting my life, diet and exercise back to a healthier holistic place. As a fitness professional I have a lot of exercise and nutrition knowledge, but clearly couldn’t see how I was sabotaging my own efforts in what I thought was a relatively healthy lifestyle. Jelena put all the pieces together into a brilliant plan that incorporated mind and body and supported me with some difficult life improvements that had to be made.”

– Christianne, Fitness Professional

“Medicine practitioner in Miami who can help you feel and look your best. Jelena helps you feel comfortable wherever you show up. It was easy for me to trust her because she is so passionate and knowledgeable. She is the real real. I consider her a seminar junky who is always up to speed on the latest procedures and techniques. I work in the Integrative field and I have made my choice to work with Jelena. Thank you for helping me realise the power of determination and that age is just a number. Thank you, I feel fit and have so much energy now!”

– Dana Bardfield, Integrative Medicine Specialist

Unleash your most vibrant health!

Anyone who wants to achieve inner peace, flourish in there lives and be the source of change for all the love they can! Dr. Jelena Petkovic PAC MMS DHSc will support and guide you to rediscover your own healing and inspirational power.


The Women of Peace

 Gather with female thought leaders, teachers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about being the source of peace to the world.

The Path to Sacred Leadership

An 7-day experience for physicians or medical clinicians that want to learn the tools needed to live life in a more peaceful and empowered way.

Workshops and Retreats

Explore the range of transformational workshops and immersive retreats which Dr. Jelena facilitates around the world.

Return to Beautiful

Return to your most beautiful health, body, and way of being. Flourish and expand in every aspect of your life.

Meditation & Global Empowerment

Unlock clarity, confidence and joy  through the timeless art of meditation.

Book Dr. Jelena as a speaker

Dr. Jelena speaks to a myriad of topics around self-empowerment, wellness and the power of love. Book Dr. Jelena to speak at your next event.

“Rise and walk with newfound energy, flow in peace, open your arms to all the love available around you and call in your dreams.”

Dr. Jelena Petkovic, Healer & Integrative Medical Specialist

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